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All models over 18
Scene Taken from: Topless Boxing 2

Released By : Festelle Video

Although the boxing takes place on a mat, & without ropes, there’s plenty for fans to enjoy. Paula, Sonia, Lisa, Anna, & Jasmina were all new to the noble art, but that didn’t stop them trading punch for punch. Paula is quite young & innocently pretty, but she showed natural athletic ability, while Lisa formed something of a real boxing style in just a few minutes. She certainly gives lovely Anna a very hard time! The first three matches, each over three rounds, are shown again from a different camera angle. But if you like to see flying leather then you must add Anita vs. Becky to your collection. These girls know no inhibitions when it comes to hitting out- you’ll just gasp with amazement! The tape ends with a gentle glamour match between two top British glamour models, Teresa May & Lucy. Featuring: Sonia vs. Paula, Lisa vs. Anna, Lisa vs. Jasmina, Anita vs. Becky, & Lucy vs. Teresa May.


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