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All models over 18
Scene Taken from: I'll Be Back

Released By : Joan Wise

Cynthia Hammer v. Tori Sinclair--Voluptuous Cynthia tangles with the gorgeous and sexy Tori. Awesomely titted Cynthia Hammers ("EE"), renowned worldwide, comes up against the equally glorious Scarlette, and what a dream match up this is! As sexy as any women who have fought at the Joan Wise Club, these women prove they are far more than faces and bodies to die for as they collide. Painful head scissors; punishing full-nelson-head scissors; grapevines showing torrid shots of wide-open spread pussies; incredible tit smothers with huge breasts doing lots of damage; sexy breast-to-breast and crotch-to-crotch action, and face sitting to drive one wild as one warrior proves too much for her challenger as she establishes total dominance. The conqueror is so mean as she mauls her victim's tits and pussy, as cries of submission are ignored. Torrid pussy-to-pussy rubbing and grinding, and more awesome face sitting as the loser is destroyed and humiliated and finally made to service her conqueror. And what delicious sights as we witness a super satisfying display of erotism as both ladies gets into it! The loser had better hope her conqueror does not make good on her promise of "I'll Be Back!"


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