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All models over 18
Scene Taken from: Female Topless Boxing 3

Released By : Bad Apple Productions

Fight # 1 (Gianna vs Dena) What a fight this is! The new comer Gianna jumps right in with no fear! She engages Dena again and again without reservation. Dena is actually stunned by how this girl can take punches and give them too! Dena is seriously challenged by this new comer. You can actually see the Anger in Dena's Face as she throws punches into Gianna. This fight has the hardest punches we have ever filmed. Fight # 2 (Jocelyn vs Rita) This fight starts off slow and cautious for both girls as they feel each other out. But in the 3rd round it turns into a total war between them! Jocelyn lands some incredible hits and at times seems to have Rita in big trouble. Two standing eight counts are the only thing that keep Rita from being knocked out. Fight # 3 (Debbie vs Kaos) Kaos and Debbie trade hard punches to the head and body in this brawl. Debbie beats Kaos so badly that she almost goes down twice in the fight. Kaos fought on bravely and gave Debbie's boobs a pounding that was sure to make her know she had been in a fight. This was five rounds of tough boxing.


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