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Darkshell 2
Released By : Adult Source Media
Story opens as the remaining three women and three soldiers try to make their way to the base of the main power. Thirsty and exhausted, Tomoko asks the soldiers to give her younger sister, Moe, something to drink. Sergeant Kuroda says that if they're going to have a break, they'd need a good reason. This leads to Kuroda and Fukushima gang fucking Yuka in front of them all. After Fukushima's lust is fulfilled, he's shot to death by the sniper, Kaoruko. The story evolves as Kaoruko's dark past is revealed, in which Keita, her boyfriend, is lynched and killed, while enemy soldiers gang fuck Kaoruko. Next, Kaoruko kills Yuka, then Aki, a female soldier. Sergeant Kuroda, Tomoko and Moe are the only ones left standing. They finally reach the location of the base of the main power, only to find it deserted. Furious, Kuroda fucks Moe, only to be shot to death by Kaoruko. The story ends in a parallel world where the nightmare of the civil war did not occur. Kaoruko is with her lover, Keita, on a peaceful beach, watching Tomoko and Moe play!

2257 Compliance