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Princess Memory 2
Released By : Adult Source Media
Determined to save Feelia for the sake of Sallian and Lily, Collin enters the cave once again, where he sees Madonna Feelia. She tells him that he must collect every form of Feelia's soul and seal them in an amulet Feelia has given him, when Sly Feelia suddenly appears and flings the amulet down the chasm. Because of Sly Feelia's interference, Collin dives into the chasm after the amulet and finds himself in another world, where Sallian has been trapped since she fell. She takes him to a warm cave where she reveals her love for him. Believing that she will not survive, she takes her clothes off and asks Collin to comfort her, and they make passionate love. With the help of the Nuvolians, Sallian and Collin find their way back home, where Pony anxiously awaits their return. When Collin places the amulet on Feelia's neck, she turns back to her original self. She reveals how she was scared and trusted no one, and how she wanted to be with him. Although she knows she must return to her own world, she expresses her true love for Collin, and they make passionate love.

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