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Released By : Adult Source Media
At the end of World War II, after dividing up the nation, the countries that defeated Japan failed to rule the island. As a result, many independent powers were established, fighting amongst each other and trying to seize control. They developed a hatred of one another, leading the country into a never-ending spiral of a civil war. Our story opens with a gang of soldiers fucking Tomoko in front of the other women. The fact is that the women are under the protection of these sexually charged soldiers. The women and the soldiers are trapped in enemy territory, separated from their main power, and they must find a way to rejoin the main power, if they are to survive the war. Intertwined with Kaoruko's memories of a happier past are shocking scenes, where the soldiers savagely fuck and humiliate the women. At the same time, a mysterious sniper kills them off, one by one. In the process, Fukushima, a timid soldier, transforms into a brutal man, after his girlfriend is fucked by his fellow soldier and killed by the sniper. Becoming a monster, just like the other fighters, he goes on a rampage, violating the woman he's supposed to be protecting.

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