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Harvest Night 2
Released By : Adult Source Media
The episode opens with the doctor telling Masato and his sister, Honoka, to go back home, but they have no home to go back to. In a series of flashbacks, we glimpse the dark past that haunts all three of them -- Masato, Hosoka and Ryoko. Meanwhile, in an attempt to enslave Ryoko and make her become one of them, Lisa and other girls try to get Ryoko to sign a contract to be a hooker, but Honoka intervenes, stopping them. When Emi, Masato's lover, demands that Masato take action to regain control over their territory, he says he isn't interested. That night, the gang goes out to work without Masato's protection, only to have the enemy gang ambush them. Enemy gang wants revenge for the killing of their gang member -- the girl Lisa abused in episode 1. In the process, Lisa and a couple of others are murdered. That same night, Masato comes by an old man, who always mumbles and repeats the same phrases. Unlike the other days, however, he is silent. As if he wants to be killed, he invites Masato to attack him, which Masato accepts, cruelly beating the old man to death.

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