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Slutty-Princess Diaries: Defloration Of A Princess
Released By : JapanAnime
After losing his mom to a mysterious death, Distol swore to himself that he would be the best swordsman in the world. However, his tragedy doesn’t end there…eight years after mother’s death, more bad news is brought to Distol. His sister, Princess Qoona is chosen as the holy maiden. The holy maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king within. Distol does not want to lose another person he loves. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the person that he loves, a witch appears out of nowhere and makes an offer to Distol. The offer is: “in return of giving great powers, you must invade Bastarauge, take the nation’s treasure, grab Princess Elena and corrupt her from within.” A new dark age is about to begin…..

2257 Compliance