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Dvine Luv 3
Released By : Adult Source Media
After taking the elixir as a last resort, Mia has recovered her health, but she is now suffering from a side effect- uncontrollable lust! Priol watches Mia suffer every night, as Mia writhes in her bed, trying to restrain her boiling desires... The cure for this side effect is to have a man quench the thirst for lust.... Hyde comes to the rescue, and Mia satisfies her burning desires in a one-night, red-hot, sexcapade! However, Hyde wakes up to shocking news- Teres and Youra are missing from the hospital! Soon, Hyde and Ghuran discover that Slain has taken both women hostage! Will they be able to save Teres and Youra? Will Hyde give up him amulet to Slain? What is Youra's true identity? Is she the key to the treasure? Follow Hyde and his adventures in the third episode of this four-part series!

2257 Compliance