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All models over 18
Jelly 8
Starring: Devlin Weed, Brianna, Cuntre Pipes, Tone Capone, Lady Armani, Karma Storm, Desiree Clark, Lady Latrese
Released By : Kick Ass Pictures
Ya'll ever seen a black midget? Naw? Well ya'll gone see one today, trust. Brutha goes by da name of Lil Pimp Hand, or LP for short. For short! Get it? Anyway, he may not be tall, but he be packin'. LP got more jimmy than the average six-foot white boy. Hey, don't complain to us, tell it to mutha nature. Fer real! She's also da one who done packed the jelly on the sistas in dis here flick. When it comes to booties, black girls gots superior ass genes, dat's fo sho. So enjoy what Darwin called "survival of da flyest."

2257 Compliance