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Four Play
Starring: Nicky Wells, Alexandre Pleintemps, Alain DuPont, Matieu Taillon, Joey Lismir, Suny Tessier, Kevin La Peltrie, Victor Henri
Released By : Celestial Entertainment
Alain invites his school chum Joey to spend the night. After the lights are out and Joey thinks Alain's asleep, Joey has the urge to get a grip on himself. While stroking away, Alain wakes-up and offers a startled Joey the real thing. Wanting some in return, Joey protests to Alain that he's no cock-sucker, but at Alain's insistence proves to actually be a very good one! Teaching his seemingly naive older friend Joey more tricks cute little Alain rolls over and tells Joey to stick it in. Joey responds with, "in where?" Well, you'll just have to tune-in to see if Joey figures it out!

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