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Looks To Sigh For
Starring: Mai, Lort, O-NakhonSawan, La, Nuc, Nui
Released By : Island Caprice Studios
Alone on the platform, luscious Lim ponders his future as he awaits the train that will take him to his army induction. But supercute Danai is on the prowl and has other ideas. He lures the young stud to a deserted house nearby and wastes no time in coaxing Lim's prodigious tool from its hiding place. The two new buddies take turns sucking each other until Lim can stand it no more and plows his tool between Danai's tender cheeks for a rapturous ride-beats basic training all to hell. Elsewhere, Pongsak and studpuppy Khajit lunge away an afternoon in some memorable woodside and bedroom gymnastics. Finally, Somchai seduces Achai along a mountain trail and the two fondle, fuck and suck each other under the steamy tropical canopy. These guys really have much more than Looks To Sigh For.

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