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ShowGuys 246: Brad Benton And Dallas Reeves
Starring: Brad Benton, Dallas Reeves
Released By : ShowGuys
The harder Dallas thrusts the louder Brad moans. Brad turns around into the frog, his incredibly stiff dick pointing skyward. They roll into the spoon position, and Dallas keeps on pounding until Brad has to stop because he is so close to cumming. After a break, Brad stands up and Dallas fucks him from behind, then Dallas pulls Brad on top of him on the bed, and really increases his strokes. But finally Dallas lies on his back and Brad sits on him, again in the frog position. And, as promised, almost immediately, feeling Dallas’ dick probing his prostate, Brad shoots his load. Brad climbs off, lies beside Dallas, and urges him on to his own gushing climax.

2257 Compliance