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Triple X Ranch
Starring: Alex Jr., Pablo Picaco, Dennis Boy, Igor Castro, Jeff Perez, Luiz Hansom, Rodrigo Fera, Rogerio Van Damme
Released By : Video 10
At Triple X Ranch horny guys get it on together around the barns, stables & corrals of a sex filled oasis located somewhere in exotic Brazil's farming region! Rodrigo Fera has the hots for Alex Jr., the farm's hunky veterinarian, in order to trigger a visit, he slips in a harmless mickey into the horses' water troughs. Before that, however, a real epidemic of man-to-man sex strikes the farm! First, supervisor Rogerio Van Damme inspects Rodrigo's work around the horse stalls & bonds with his subordinate by topping him. Then, the owner Pablo Picaco entertains his visiting friend Luiz Hansom, with a tour o the livestock just next to the barn. Then, farmhand Jeff Perez takes a swig of the tainted water, causing him to sit down which makes his face perfectly crotch level for Pablo to comfort him with. Pablo knows how to cure Jeff quickly by topping him next to the stables. Next, the vet (Alex Jr.) arrives & goes with Pablo & Igor to see the sick horse. Rodrigo follows them & when Alex is alone, motions with his crotch that he's interested. Alex & Rodrigo slip away to a secluded area & make out on an antique buggy. Then, farmhand Dennis Boy, joins them for a three-way where Denis & Alex top Rodrigo. At first, Alex instructs Rodrigo to use only three drops of the medicine to simulate sickness & trigger his visits. Then, Alex collects his insurance co-payment by topping Luiz & Igor in a barn burning three-way! Rodrigo seeing that Alex makes himself pretty available sexually to everyone on the farm, throws the medicine bottle away & looks forward to Alex's next visit.

2257 Compliance