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All models over 18
JackBuddies 13
Released By : Gemini Studios
Scene 1: Is Raul's solo and he starts out in boxers with his uncut dick hanging out. He eagerly shows his spread ass and begins to jack his dick. And what a dick it is! More like a snake than anything else, this one eyed monster approaches the 10' mark and gets rock hard with a little attention. Raul's tan, tight muscular torso is highlighted as he pumps his cock furiously to a handful of cum. And in his hand is exactly where he cums so he can smear it on his face and eat it! Scene 2: Nick s solo starts with him shirtless in jeans showing his muscular chest and great pecs. He is naturally smooth and very silky. A thoroughly masculine guy, Nick remains very cuddly. When he pulls his dick out, the 7' monster is hard and thick. It stands at attention and you get some great close ups. He gets on his knees in bed and jerks it. He denies fingering his butt while he jacks off, but it's pretty obvious! He lies across the bed, gets comfortable and beats the shit out of his dick until he comes a huge load on his chest. Scene 3: The two hunky guys get together and Raul gets things going by pulling Nick's pants down and chewing on his dick through his underwear. When he gets through to his dick, it doesn’t take Nick long to get it up and soon he's thrusting his cock down Raul's hungry Cuban throat. Raul licks it all over and seems to give pretty good head for a straight man! It's Nick's turn to suck dick and he really gets into it staying hard the whole time. He has a bit of trouble with the length of Raul's pinga, but there are no complaints! He gives Raul's nuts a tongue bath and then tries to deep throat the uncut monster.

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