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All models over 18
Chris Cohand's House Party
Starring: Mystery Man, R.J., Chris Cohand, Richard Rider, Peter Peruvian, Roy Raven, Giorgio, Rocky Hardin, Punch Atwill, Bud Rose, Ram Holester
Released By : Mckey Productions
Michael Mckey’s newest video, Chris Conhand’s House Party takes you behind the scenes of one of Chris legendary play parties in the great outdoors of his Texas backyard. 11 mature, hairy and horny studs use their dicks, fists and even feet to pound, plow and stretch each other’s asshole. No twinkies here! These are real men, having real sex, with a fratemal no-holes-barred ass-pounding attitude. Highlights include an extended shoulder-deep fist-fuck where Giorgio takes Peter Peruvian almost to Peter’s armpit hair and cums and then pisses in Peter’s waiting mouth. Chris Cohand shows off his legendary hole in some astounding punch-fucking, and then turns the table with his magnificent large dick. Mckey fave RJ plows just about anything that walks and also gets some quality fisting up his hungry butt. And in a marathon fisting session, Chris takes each and every one of his guests fist up his hole as they show their gratitude for his hospitality!

2257 Compliance