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Vennessa's Pantyhose Fetish 3
Starring: Vennessa St. John
Released By : Vennesa's Videos Production
Vennessa is back and with a whole new set of adventures. Everyone's favorite transvestite pantyhose fetishist starts off this first scene simple. With a black satin slip dress on, Vennessa begins working her cock through her pantyhose, pulling her dress up for you to get a good view. Things are calm until Vennessa takes off her dress and puts on a pantyhose mask. Then the scene becomes a little surreal with Vennessa pulling out her cock for the camera and then turnning upside down to do a ''bat jack'' and shoot her load onto her pantyhose mask. A true fetishist at work here, Vennessa continues to show things not scene before in her videos. In this next scene Vennessa holds nothing back when she releases her cock from her pantyhose restraint to reveal her cock is adorned with a pantyhose sheath. Vennessa then strokes her cock like a pro and gives you a good foot shot for all the feet lovers out there. Once Vennessa unsheathes her cock, she again turns upside down and ''bat jacks'' until she shoots cum onto her mouth and face.

2257 Compliance