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All models over 18
Starring: Tripp Winters, Wes Roberts, Kirk Cameron, Cory Heiss, Bret Neilson, Tim Reynolds, Jack Porter
Released By : Customboys Videos
In CUMPANIONS, guys find they have a lot in common when they have sex together! First, blond-haired, blue-eyed Cory Heiss comes home from work and immediately goes to work blowing his semi-asleep boyfriend Jack Porter, leading to passionate sex where Jack tops Cory. Next, Tripp Winters and Kirk Cameron play two guys who are so turned on by each other, they meet in a hotel room for casual mutual oral sex. Tripp’s dick piercing gets a bit in the way so he removes it at a certain point during their romp, then both guys splatter their cum all over Tripp’s chest, and the scene ends with Tripp putting the big PA back into the tip of his dick. Next, Cory Heiss is back, this time with Wes Roberts. Cory and Wes shoot naked video of each other for fun. Cory starts showing off his chest, pulls his pants down to show his ass, leading to Wes topping Cory, then Cory topping Wes! Finally, Tim Reynolds plays a guy on leave from the army and decides to visit his old high school buddy, Bret Nielson. Bret shows Tim around the apartment, and when they get to the bedroom, the instincts and hormones kick in. Bret pounds his friend Tim like there’s no tomorrow, then Tim gets his turn and tops Bret!

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