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Brazilian Hot Truckers
Starring: Marcio Rosa, Alexandre Senna, Eduardo Galisteu, Beto Ribeiro, Gilson Cury, Lucas Rezende, Marcello Cabral, Reynaldo Costa
Released By : Video 10
Brazilian Hot Truckers features beefy Brazilian men going at it with one another around gravel pits, construction sites, motorcycles & bathrooms. First, Marcello Cabral is a trucker who drives a heavy loaded truck of construction materials. He gets pulled over by policeman Alexandre Senna who lets the burly driver off as long as he first gets him off! Next, Reynaldo Costa stops at a gravel pit & spots Eduardo Galisteu waiting to get plugged! Then Marcie Rosa rides his motorcycle & picks up Lucas Rezende who he teaches the finer points of how to "ride bitch"! Next Reynaldo Costa stops at a construction site & finds bricklayer Beto Ribeiro inside the site stroking his meat, & then proceeds to "lay" him on a pile of bricks! Finally, Reynaldo & Marclo come back & are joined by pump jockey attendant Gilson Cury for a three-way in the gas station's toilet!

2257 Compliance