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Best Of Pau Brazil: 3-Way Horn Dogs
Released By : Pau Brasil
In 3-WAY HORN DOGS – The Best of Pau Brasil #1 compilation, horny Brazilian couples get off better when they include a third man in the mix! First, from ENTER THRU REAR, Alexandre Pernambuco and Mateus Andrade join Fabrycio Dellaho in a three-way where Fabrycio tops Alexandre first and then Mateus with his amazing cock! Next, from DICKTRONIC, Maurinho Manson was never successful cruising for guys at the beach, but since he used Dicktronic, sand isn’t the only thing he gets in his shorts when both Eduardo Cirax and Daniel Ventura go back to his place where they take turns topping him! Then, from HOTTER THAN EVER, Adriano Costa and Alisson Santos locate Ramon Gonzales, the guy they initially followed into the club, and luckily, Ramon is happy to see them too! After quickly doing the math, they have a hot three way where Ramon tops both friends. Next, from BY THE PIECE, deliveryman Sandro Maia gets a big tip when his customers Jorge Indio and Vitor Frota pull him into the middle of a piping hot 3-way sandwich! Finally, from BRAZIL BY NIGHT, the rain puts a crimp in business, so Alex Jr., Carlos Gomes and Ramon Lemos call it a night to have a 3-way where Carlos and Ramon take turns bottoming for Alex in bed!

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