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All models over 18
Bawdy Brazilians
Starring: Marcio Pitbull, Marcio Rosa, Alexandre Senna, Eduardo Galisteu, Sergio Apingora, Tiago Lemos, Luciano Badaro, Amauri De Oliveira, Alfonso Reis
Released By : Video 10
In Bawdy Brazilians sex-supply meets sex-demand & it's a bull market! First, Luciano Badaro plays a lifeguard who saves one or two less lives that day to follow seductive sunbather Alexandre Senna for some abandoned-building sex. Luciano performs dick-to-butt resuscitation on Alexandre, saving him from sex with just any passerby. Next, Amauri de Oliveira takes a shower & it's all wet when fireman Tiago Lemos arrives to check his pipes for leaks & he checks out Amauri's butt with his dick instead. Then, Eduardo Galisteau attracts horny sailor Marcio Pittbull, on the pier. Marcio completes an ancient mating ritual of migratory seamen by topping Eduardo in a secluded spot near the boat slip. Next, surfer Alfonso Reis lures native fisherman Sergio Apingora back to his room for a dick-up-the-butt break. Finally, Alexandre Senna reappears to pop a boner over a photo layout of Marcio Rosa. Alexandre imagines that Marcio becomes flesh-&-boner & gets topped by him on the couch!

2257 Compliance