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Auntie Bob's Sex Party 2
Released By : Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Videos
Its Saturday Night, I’m back from dropping Robert in Seattle ...The rest of the weekend its 4 boys, & lots more fucking & sucking. This video starts with the boys back from dinner, & horny for more. We have some hot oral going on for a while, First you see Ben on the floor sucking on Markie's huge cock its not long before Kyle joins in & then Seth. Its just a free for all after that, with boys on their knees side by side getting fucked doggie style. Then we move to Late Sat night, the next part of the video just happened, Seth was naked & bored as the rest of us played video games, he’s sitting there jacking off & once he's hard he decides he needs to get fucked.... & it get very hot from there...this part of the tape was hot & funny as hell, I finally got a chance to get into the action. FYI, a lot of this video was shot like it normally would be lots of light etc., a couple of parts of this video, for example when we had finished shooting video on Sat night. We were just hanging out & playing video games, next thing I know Kyle was fucking Seth, I’m sucking off Ben & poor Markie is lying on the couch being made to be right in the middle of it all. We were playing without the intention of it going on a video. It was just us having fun, so I wasn't as concerned about lighting etc., this part was our home movie part of the video. You can easily see everything that's going on, but I just wanted you to know the scoop, it just looks a little different

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