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All models over 18
Starring: Danny Lopez, Zane West, Stonie, Rocky, Marco Bari, Julio Icente, Jarred Kenttley, Walter Lee, Lex Kitau, Lexx Parker, Josh Peters, Stefan Stano
Released By : G.A.I. Studios
Just as the evolutionists believe that life began in the great oceans, water is still a symbol of new life today. WHether it be in the form of cleansing or procreation, water is the essence of life. It sustains mankind, just as sex does. It is no surprise that people find water to be erotic. Water & sex , sex & water. Both the essense of life & the cause of many fantasies in Aqua, these boys get to fulfill those fantasies. By a waterfall, in the pool, in the hottub, in the shower, or even in the rain, these guys can not help but be turned on when the scene involves water. Rare underwater cumshots & fuck scenes!

2257 Compliance