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Tender In The Grass
Starring: Lucas DuSolei, Nicky Wells, Julian LeCoq, Joey Piccard, Suny Tessier, Marc Antoine, Noah Wilde, Victor St. Lawrence, Joey Papineau
Released By : Celestial Entertainment
Hot, naked sunbather Vincent Henri gets a slumber stiff when he dreams about guys having sex in the late summer lush meadows, grassy knolls and sun dappled trails of the green Canadian wilderness. First, Nicky Wells tops Lucas Du Solei over a mini tractor, then Julian Lecoq bottoms for Joey Papineau in a shed in the woods. Then, Noah Wilde trespasses on Marc Antoine's property and Marc tops him as a friendly gesture. Finally, Vincent wakes up from his XXX-rated slumber to find cute stranger Suny Tessier hovering.

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