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Carlos Spankman: In Charge
Released By : Mayhem North Production
Mayhem North started its spanking videos with Mandy Goodhandy, who owns a bunch of businesses where coincidentally all staff are young, good looking boys, who make mistakes, and get punished. Well there is more to the spanking story than Mandy - with this title we are introducing Carlos Spankman. Carlos is a manager at another warehouse run by 'Boss TK' (who can be seen in Inside Todd's Mayhem), and Carlos is left in charge when Boss TK goes on vacation. Boss TK is very similar to Mandy Goodhandy in that he too runs businesses staffed exclusively by young good looking boys who make mistakes and get punished. (If anyone wonders whether Mandy Goodhandy or Boss TK's businesses actually DO anything, well, that is a good question. Maybe they are just devoted to the art of spanking) Anyways, Carlos Spankman is known to be a bit pushy with the other workers, something that Boss TK enjoys watching on the surveillance tapes. So when Boss TK goes out of town for a vacation, he leaves Carlos Spankman 'In Charge'. Carlos wastes no time in making sure the other boys knows who the new boss man is.

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