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All models over 18
Absolute: Arid
Starring: Dylan Reece, Spike, Matt Spencer, Billy Brandt, Anthony Lafont, Sean Kirby, Josh Kane, Craig Everest, Cameron Dalton
Released By : Falcon Studios
There’s the outdoors, there’s the Great Outdoors and then there’s the Australian Outback. There’s gay porn, there’s Great Gay Porn, and then there’s Falcon. So what happens when you combine the two? All those wide open Australian spaces with all those tight horse-hung Falcon bodies? You get Arid. You get scorching porn that is also a work of art. Don’t misunderstand - this is porn at Falcon’s graphic best. John Rutherford has assembled a cast of incredibly hot, gorgeous young men who sport rock-hard dicks that they know how to use. But this is also Falcon at its most artistic. The images of hot sex on harshly beautiful landscapes will burn into your brain. The stunning camerawork is by Todd Montgomery and the lighting is by God - completely natural so it captures the contours of the land and the contours of the bodies.

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