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Varsity Muscle Workout 3
Starring: James Bentley, Paul Tornabene
Released By : Real Workouts Inc
Perhaps our best VARSITY MUSCLE WORKOUT video to date, James Bentley, 21, and Paul Tornabene, 19, both college Varsity Wrestlers, show what it takes to get in absolute peak condition in order to compete successfully at the elite varsity level. They also demonstrate multiple buddy stretches that encourage muscle growth for all muscle groups as well as insure an effective cool-down. Riveting footage of four submission wrestling matches (the most intense, go-for-broke footage we've ever captured), arm wrestling and a curling competition. Also included is exclusive footage of James from 4 years ago (when he was just 17!), as he prepares to compete in an endurance competition in High School…simply unbelievable!

2257 Compliance