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All models over 18
Chance Meetings
Starring: Lucas DuSolei, Nicky Wells, Alexandre Pleintemps, Billy Little-Fox, Julian LeCoq, Mac Bourbon, Ken Rondolet, Sammy LaSalle
Released By : Video 10
Guys who bump into each other on the streets get to hump each other in between the sheets. First, Julien LeCoq “bumps” into long haired, French Canadian Indian, Billy Little-Fox while walking around the city. Because of the immediate chemistry, they trespass into a nearby building under construction where Billy tops Julien on the floor of the site’s dark make-out section. Next, Alexandre Pleintemps is a tourist taking pictures of the sights. While looking through his view finder, he “collides” with Nicky Wells who has a thing for the awkward, but cute visiting photojournalist. They go back to Nicky’s where Alexandre tops him on his couch. Then, Sammy LaSalle recklessly speeds out of a coffeehouse due to his caffeine Jones and “bumps” into Mac Bourbon “accidentally.” The collision works its magic, so the two top and bottom for each other on a nearby comfy couch. Finally, Lucas Dusolei walks his dog, which everyone knows is a guaranteed man magnet. He attracts Ken Rondolet with his four-legged friend and invites Ken in from the cold for a warm cup of coffee -- code, of course, for hot man-sex! As a reward for a being a responsible pet owner, Ken tops Lucas in an incredible hot scene on Lucas’ marble dining table in front of a huge mirror!

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