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All models over 18
Cowboy Wrestling 2
Starring: Michael Knight, Paul Carrigan, Cody Tyler, Rick Brock, Tom Moore, Mike Roberts
Released By : On Top Production
3 matches add up to a forest fire of sex! In Match One, Bunkhouse Brawl, beefy brawler Rick Brock challenges ranch hand Michael Knight for his bottom bunk. The two battle it out with body slams, scissor holds, full nelsons & rough wrestling. They rip the clothes off each other & polish their rods together! Next, in Match Two, Ranch Hand Rumble, two ranch hands, big & bald Tom Moore (6'2", 205 lbs.), & experienced cowboy wrestler Cody Tyler (5'10" 185 lbs.), go at it for a job at the local ranch. The action gets rough as bit Tom rides Cody & Cody retaliates with full nelsons, scissors, headlocks & chokeholds. Who gets the job? Watch & see! In Match Three, Fighting Foremen, hairy bears Paul Carrigan & Mike Roberts manhandle each other for the top spot of foreman on the ranch. Using a series of holds, headlocks & arm bars, they literally wrestle the jeans off each other as they struggle for domination. Finally stripped down, Mike gets rough, grabbing Paul's crotch, before Paul rides Mike's cock to clinch the top job on the farm!

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