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All models over 18
The Schoolmaster's Revenge
Released By : Spanking Epics
While writing The Schoolmaster’s Revenge, Bethany wanted to achieve a blend of all the elements she knew SHE would look for in a spanking video. First, she wanted a "real" story line, with realistic characters, but one that could be told without long sections of dialogue. When customers buy a spanking video, they want spanking - and lots of it. Bethany knows that. This video starts out with spanking - and doesn't let up. In the very first scene, when the girls are confronted with their cheating, Mr. Johnson makes it clear that they have a straightforward choice: expulsion or spanking. This is not a very pleasant decision for our eighteen year old young ladies, who consider themselves "all grown up." But they want to be teachers very badly, so they chose the spankings. First, each girl is given a hard, bare bottomed, over the knee spanking. And just when they think it's "all over," a new reality intrudes - the over the knee spanking is just the beginning. After half an hour of corner time, Mr. Johnson intends to introduce the girls to his school ruler.

2257 Compliance