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All models over 18
Old Revenge
Released By : Catfight Planet
Old Revenge includes a round robin of three older ladies battling it out in an apartment setting. When we say older, we are referring to 25 plus, and with age comes experience. The first match pits Cheryl verses Nancy. These ladies start the match fully clothed and end up topless, all the while, ripping each other's clothes off, applying slaps to each other's face, body and breasts. They also don't hesitate to grab each other's breasts as leverage to win. Next is Nicole verses Cheryl. Nicole is the bigger of the two and lets Cheryl know it. However, this just seems to make Cheryl fight harder and use breast grabbing more frequently to make up for the size difference. Last is Nancy verses Nicole. This match starts off fierce and ends fierce. All matches are topless (or end up topless) and equate to a full hour of non-stop competition.

2257 Compliance