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All models over 18
Bareback Recruits 3
Starring: Shane (Pink Bird Media), Kody (m), Cheyenne (m), Cole
Released By : Active Duty
Our four troopers come over to hang out and things take an interesting twist. Kody had agreed to get fucked, but not by Cole. Little does he know that I've already got it all planned out that he will do just that. So, I let him think that Shane will be the only one topping him in this video and that Cole will be topping our pig boy Cheyenne. And, Shane does top Kody and Cheyenne but Kody also gets topped by Cole and Shane also tops Cheyenne and Kody also tops Cheyenne and it's a fuckfest galore folks. So, Both Kody and Cheyenne get topped in this video. Kody getting it from both Shane and Cole and Cheyenne gets it from all three soldiers. Our four heroes get down to some serious blowjob action and start slobbin' knobs. Shane and Kody start on the couch while Cole and Cheyenne get their own action going down on the floor in front of them.

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