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Romeo Must Ride
Starring: Seven, Vito, Breion Diamond, Brent, C. Mack, Carmell, Romeo St. James, Tione, Shorty J., Saint D., Samuel
Released By : Flava Works
Romeo, oh Romeo wherefore art thy dick, Romeo? Here, pretty much wherever he want it to be as Romeo has obviously learned a trick or two from the Jedi Knight of butt-fun, Breion Diamond. This new release, featuring Romeo in seven scenes with ten other dudes (plus one wrist- wrenching solo, shoot), shows off a dominant topman who can play an equally intense game being on the receiving end of some big dick. Romeo’s never looked better or hornier and here he’s teamed up with some of the company’s elite Shorty J’s never been more vocal bottom, C. Mack turns his topman dominance up a notch, and newcomer Samuel shows why he’s a bottom boy porn star of the future. But it’s all about the romancer of men, Romeo himself and he doesn’t let you down in any of the seven scenes. Whether plowing fields himself as a most reliable farmer or having his own soil toiled on the receiving end of The Master himself of butt-fun, Breion Diamond Romeo proves himself not only worthy of his own hardcore film but maybe even a sequel.

2257 Compliance