Tickling Movies From Ace Foot Productions

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All models over 18
Ticklish Torment
Released By : Ace Foot Productions
First we have Tammy who is a collage student that hates having anything done with her feet let alone tickling then, but she needed the money so I let her do some video work. She only laughs since she was being paid to just shut up and laugh. Next we have Yuma who is a real model that doesn't like being tickled and after you see the video, you'll see why, she is very ticklish Tia is an ex-army brat that going hysterical if her feet are tickled, and in fact, that is how her girlfriend has fun with her, by tickling her insane Michelle you remember from films like Trapped and Tickled. And she is back again and as ticklish as ever. The last model is Jenny who actually loves to be tickled, there was no need to even tie her down, and she loved every minute of it.

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